Learn more about who we are, and what makes Innoscent Spa different for your dog

—  About Us  —

Innoscent by name, innocent by nature


Innoscent Spa is a new venture from Ginger&Browns, and neighbours our store at Blakemere Village in the heart of Cheshire. Ginger&Browns already has an established reputation for customer care as well as stocking quality, ethical products with an emphasis on supporting UK producers and the UK economy. Innoscent Spa is an extension of this ethos, pulling together behavioural knowledge, access to some of the best, natural, hand made, cruelty free soaps, shampoos and balms available on the market, and the foundations to be able to build a grooming facility that revolves around the dogs using it, and nothing else.

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Innoscent Spa was named because by playing on the word innocent, we hoped to convey our message to our clients, of our core ethos. We have created and built our facility, with dog behaviour and welfare at its heart. We refuse to have multiple dogs groomed side by side, adding stress to a stressful situation, we refuse to use fear to force your dog to be groomed without consideration for how he or she is feeling. We insist on using cruelty free shampoos and balms, and we will always on put your dog’s welfare before our own convenience. To do this, we have drawn on our experience in behaviour to build a facility where everything works from your dog’s point of view; we have installed walls between each grooming table so dogs are able to be groomed in peace, at their own pace. We have built the entire facility to ensure a dog can arrive, be bathed, groomed, and leave without seeing a single other dog. We have invested in equipment and researched new ideas to allow us to groom dogs without ever using any of the negative techniques and horror stories that you may see in the news, and to try and help dogs to learn to be groomed in a positive way. Innocent is an important word for us. We want every owner to feel confident when their dog is being groomed with us, and if they were a fly on our wall watching each dog that comes in, they’d love what they saw!

Ginger&Browns is known for being smart and modern, and this different take on how pet shops can look has attracted famous faces to our store, including being featured on the Real Housewives of Cheshire. This attention to presentation has again been extended across to Innoscent Spa where you will find a very clean and modern set up; retaining our natural look whilst fusing it with the clean and sleek feel of a spa.

Dog grooming is an unregulated industry - you could set up tomorrow with no training if you wished! Because of this, we have ensured our groomer has been trained to a very high standard, having been awarded the City and Guilds Level Three Diploma. We ensure your dog is in safe hands but if you have any concerns or extra considerations that you would like her to take on board before grooming your dog, do not hesitate to contact her to discuss these.